Friday, 31 March 2017

I was in the forest to find my 6 brothers because someone stole them. I was as little as a iceqube. I found them they were in a cassock. There were wolfs. they were looking for people that was going to take my brothers. lucky I have a sword and a swede I went on a bride. It was going into the cassock. I cut one of the wolf's legs. I went behind the bird. I had to go up the stairs. But when I looked outside I saw lots of wolfs. I went back inside. when I looked outside of the window i saw nothing. So we I climbed the wolle. I heard my 6 brothers. I saw my 6 brothers. There was a wizard. that was turn 1 my brothers into a I tried to cut the wizard. But I just got his wand. Then I turn hem into a rat. Then I wiles for my bird. Then we went home.            

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